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After Sale Engagement

Smart packaging needs to engage and delight legacy customers and new users. You need packaging that  delivers your brand message in addition to your products and services.  The unboxing ritual has become critical and the right first-impression can create a loyal customer and brand ambassador. We’re here to help! With over 25 years of experience in animating consumer products and packaging we introduce Connect® voice enabled after-sale packaging and collateral.

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WOW Your Customer

Create a Great Impression for Your Product or Service

Intel's unforgettable sound

More than any other brand, Intel was a pioneer in audio branding.  It’s technology may be invisible but its sonic logo and iconic bong sound insured that users knew they were using a PC with intel inside®.  When they approached us about animating their packaging with our audio technology… how could we say NO.

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Jaw Dropping Customer Experience

Unboxing used to be what we did after a holiday or party, but today it’s an industry where celebrity unboxers review, and make or break your product in real-time.  Check out when Linus Sebastian ($5 million annual YouTube income) reviewed the Intel NUC!

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Communicate directly with Customers

A buyer’s first exposure, the first interaction, the first experience of a product is, in most cases, either when the package is viewed on a shelf before purchase or when the package is opened. That first experience is an opportunity to communicate directly with a customer at an instant where he or she is most impressionable.

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We Enable Brands to Communicate  Directly With a Customer at The Moment (or Even Before) a Package is Opened. Here Are Just a Few Applications:

  • Brand Identification – An audio cue for the brand is played when the package is opened.
  • Personal Greetings – A custom message is played from the sender as the package is opened.
  • Mood Music – Context appropriate music is played when the package is opened.
  • Product Sampling – Audio samples of a product are built into the packaging, allowing sampling before purchase.
  • Setup Instructions – Audio or video instructions are implemented to guide each of the steps in the setup process.
  • Warning Messages – A warning message is triggered to convey important product safety information.

We Love a challenge!

so what if it's never been done before? creative solutions are kind of our thing.

Voice Express excels at audio and voice innovation.  We will help complete your vision or idea as well as execute it to completion.  Get us involved early to speed up your time to market.

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