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Direct Mail

With digital marketing channel options such as e-mail, text and search, direct mail needs to really speak to your prospects and customers.  Print media needs to deliver your message in a direct, engaging and actionable way. Voice is the most direct form of communication. and our Audio in-print collateral engages, informs and connects.  Give your brand a unique voice that cuts through the clutter and delivers your message.

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Audio in-print

Direct Mail that speaks to you

JP Morgan attracts talent

The largest financial services provider is only as good as each individual money manager.  JP Morgan wanted to recruit the best and brightest financial talent and used our video in-print brochure to make its pitch.

Click the video to see our work for JP Morgan

American Express Rewards

American Express understands the importance of corporate gifting and employee rewards.  A gift card is convenient but lacks a personal touch unless it includes  a customized message.  With our help, AMEX offered KUDOkit, a stored-value gift card delivered with a voice.

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Prometheus Audio Detail

The days of a sales rep providing information and samples to a busy doctor are over. We created the Audio Detail™. Healthcare providers receive an audio brochure with multiple audio files that provide relevant info on topics such as dosage, symptoms and clinical studies… at the push of a button.

Watch the video to see an example

Myrbetiq Audio Direct Mail

Pharma is known for its ability to track the efficacy of its medications and the impact of its educational outreach and marketing. Qualitative Survey Response Rates to our audio brochures are astounding. We have achieved a 92% interaction with recipients and prescriptions have risen significantly after receipt of the direct mail campaign.

View video for an example

Kythera Audio Direct Mail

In the past, corporations would sponsor retreats and symposiums with seminars and talking heads providing the results of new studies, use-cases and cutting edge innovations. The next-best thing to being there is a self-playing media card that plays audio or video of recognized thought leaders.

Click the video to see our work for Kythera

CONNECT® Smart Speaker in-print

71 percent of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing. 51 percent of all online shoppers in the US use voice assistants to help them research products.   See The Potential Of Interactive Print Media. Receive Our Free Voice Interactive Brochure

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Voice Express excels at audio and voice innovation.  We will help complete your vision or idea as well as execute it to completion.  Get us involved early to speed up your time to market.

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