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Voice-Express® was founded in 1997 to design, produce, and market a variety of innovative sound-enhanced products and services using the Company’s patents for online/offline voice-chip recording and delivery. Since that time we have produced over 60 million self-playing electronic media devices, both audio and video.

We serve industries ranging from gifts, point of sale displays, sentiment expression, publishing and imaging, specialty packaging, direct mail, advertising, and smart toys… to name a few.

In addition to seminal patents in the field, we are distinguished by proprietary manufacturing and fulfillment practices as well as long term – high volume relationships with off-shore manufacturing partners and chip fabricators.

Today, Voice-Express and its consumer brand; VoiceGift® is the market leader in self-playing media and interactive voice response products, enabling brands, marketers, service providers and consumers to animate their offerings with the most direct form of communication and expression available – unmediated sound and image.

Geoffrey Stern - Founder & CEO


Inventor and creator of meaningful new ways for people and brands to communicate using self-playing audio and video and other battery-powered media playback technologies. Stern has a number of issued and pending patents in the field of multimedia sentiment expression and publishing. Prior to founding Voice Express, Geoffrey ran a company that manufactured modular fire suppression systems for data and communication centers based on another of his patents. Geoff graduated from Columbia University and worked briefly under a technology analyst on Wall Street before he became a serial entrepreneur. Stern is currently working on integrating voice recognition capabilities into self-playing media both by integration with smart speakers as well as smart speaker in-print.

Since 2010, Geoffrey has also served as the President of PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. a New York-based public charity founded in 1922 by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis to enable the direct distribution of funds to approved charitable organizations in Israel. The organization distributes over $150 million per year

Abigail Tananbaum - CMO


Abigail joined the company full-time in 2021 to re-invent the company’s consumer branding, social positioning and product design.  Under Abigail’s leadership the company launched it’s VoiceGift® consumer line.

Technology & Patents

Sourcing Network

We have developed a network of technology partners and long-term relationships with offshore manufacturing facilities.  This network of chip foundries, component vendors, and offshore contract manufacturers constitute an integral part of our value proposition and, along with our intellectual property, insure our leadership role as solutions provider in our industry.

Our Intellectual Property

Voice Express® intellectual property includes many proprietary technology solutions, pending patent applications, and four issued US Patents with 27 method, system, and hardware claims dating back to 1993.

Voice Express® recordable units use patented ChipCorder® technology to record the natural analogs of human speech without digital synthesis. To learn more about our range of product technologies, visit the self-playing media page.

Voice Express Patents

US Patents 5,425,078 5,490,206 5,570,414 6,356,626 and patents pending. Canadian Patent 2,167,576 and Japanese Patent 2919074. Voice Express® and Voice-Over® are registered trademarks and Voice Wrap™, Voice Maker™, Voice Plus™, and Pillow Talk™ are trademarks of Voice Express Corporation, all rights reserved.

We Love a challenge!

so what if it's never been done before? creative solutions are kind of our thing.

Voice Express excels at audio and voice innovation.  We will help complete your vision or idea as well as execute it to completion.  Get us involved early to speed up your time to market.

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Geoffrey Stern - Founder & CEO