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VoiceGift® 60 Second Custom Programmable Audio Playback Module for Printed Cards


Until now you had to be a publisher or a specialty Printer to create a custom audio in print products such as audio brochures and talking children’s books. Now with our customized audio insert you can design any manner of printed material and simply add a graphic “PLAY” button. Whenever it is pressed, it will play your audio message and make your printed material stand out in the crowd and elicit an emotional response.

Whether you’re a charity who wants to save the planet or put a smile on children’s faces or whether you want to engage your customers in a refreshing manner; now you can create your own custom sounds and message to play from your direct mail, invitations, corporate communications, or follow up mailings.

Whenever it’s pressed, our audio insert will deliver your message and will be sure to put a smile on the face of the intended user. Our VoiceGift Custom Programmable Audio Playback Module For Print is the perfect solution for those who are looking to add a personalized touch to a corporate gift or employee reward.

  • The same technology used by by big brands such as Build-A-Bear workshop and Hallmark greeting cards to provide multi-message sounds at the press of a button; This pre-programmed audio playback insert plays back up to 60 seconds of audio divided into as many separate tracks as you desire. You can select the playback sequence as random or sequential. The electronic insert is inserted into your printed card or brochure and is triggered by the user applying pressure to the card.
  • Our audio player for print enables you to add audio to any printed material, including postcards, invitations, thank you’s, instruction manuals, direct mail, and packaging.  Its use is limited only by your imagination. Whether you are sending invitations, or thank you’s as an individual, a brand, or a not for profit, now you can record a custom recording that can deliver your message and create a long lasting impact. The device plays voice, music, sound effects, and any recorded audio.
  • Customize gifts, products and packaging. Great for team gifts for short-run products for prototypes and children’s books with sound effects. Perfect for gifts to a group or for messaging to clients and donors. It is literally an audio button and can be placed on any printed matter, signage or display.
  • And it’s so easy. Provide us with your audio files (.mp3 or .wav) not to exceed 60 seconds in total. We will optimize the files for playback in the device and program them onto the device as per your specifications (random or sequential).

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