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The Voice that built a bear

The Originals, the Pioneers, the Voice Technology Innovators who turned a simple stuffed animal into a warm and nostalgic experience that only a loving custom voice message can bring. Learn more about our history of innovation. 


Voice Express Is The Original Innovator In Audio Technology
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For Businesses:
Audio In Print

Audio In Print

For Businesses:
Displays and Packaging
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Displays and Packaging with Sound

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Custom Voice Technology Case Studies

Intel Keeps their 'Ba-Ba-Ba-Bing'

Intel has become one of the world’s most recognizable computer brands following its long-running Intel Inside®  campaign. The five-note jingle was introduced in 1992 and by its tenth anniversary was being heard in 130 countries around the world.

Since it’s introduction, Intel’s sonic logo has played in radio, TV and Internet advertising as well on start-up of any Intel based PC, but not until the launch of Intel’s NUC computer in Q4 of 2012 did it play from Intel packaging.

The project, a collaboration between Intel and Voice-Express, was a resounding success, gaining notice and recognition by product reviewers and influencers throughout the technology industry.

Connect™ After Sale Will Have Your Customers Talking About You After They Buy

A buyer’s first exposure, the first interaction, the first experience of a product is, in most cases, either when the package is viewed on a shelf before purchase or when the package is opened. That first experience is an opportunity to communicate directly with a customer at an instant where he or she is most impressionable.

What Do people say about voice express?

"I ordered 2 and one was for my grandsons high school graduation.. spoke on first meeting him to watching him grow through the good times and some struggles and how proud I was of him and how very much I loved him💕 He said was best gift to always hear my message and voice!"
"This gift tag was a wonderful idea! especially now during Covid. This makes the gift a little bit more personable. Another way of showing love when you can send your voice or add their favorite song! Or even send a kiss! great buy great price great idea great product"

Inside the brilliant mind

Meet geoffrey Stern

Inventor and creator of meaningful new ways for people and brands to communicate using self-playing audio and video and other battery-powered media playback technologies. Stern has a number of issued and pending patents in the field of multimedia sentiment expression and publishing.  Prior to founding Voice Express, Geoffrey ran a company that manufactured modular fire suppression systems for data and communication centers based on another of his patents. Geoff graduated from Columbia University and worked briefly under a technology analyst on Wall Street before he became a serial entrepreneur.

We Love a challenge!

so what if it's never been done before? creative solutions are kind of our thing.

Voice Express excels at audio and voice innovation.  We will help complete your vision or idea as well as execute it to completion.  Get us involved early to speed up your time to market.

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