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Custom Programmed 60 Second Audio Button 


Until now you had to be a toy manufacturer to create a custom sound device for a toy, a product or your unique creation. Now with our customized sound box you can create a custom audio module… just like the pros! 

Whether you’re an amateur sports team with your own mascot and cheer, whether you’re a charity who wants to save the planet or put a smile on children’s faces or whether you want to engage your customers in a refreshing manner; now you can create your own custom sounds and message to play from branded or customized swag. Whenever it’s pressed our sound box will deliver your message and will be sure to put a smile on the face of the intended user.

Our audio button does not need to be placed inside of something soft and huggable. It is literally an audio button and can be placed on any surface, signage or display. Our custom programmed voice player is the perfect solution for those who are looking to add a personalized touch to a corporate gift. Our sound chips are known for their use by Build-A-Bear Workshop. They are great additions to any plush object, stuffed swag, mementos and even pillows! Use the audio button in packaging, trophies, and even in pockets sewn into clothing, bags and backpacks.  

The batteries (included) will play your custom audio over and over again and for years to come and for multiple impressions. Get creative! Our voice button will play your custom audio whenever someone presses the play button, it’ll seem like you’re in the room with them!

  • The same technology used by Build-A-Bear Workshop to provide multi-message sounds at the press of a button; this preprogrammed voice box plays back up to 60 seconds of audio divided into as many separate tracks as you desire. You can select the playback order as random or sequential. Playback is triggered by applying pressure to the device
  • Our audio player for plush is perfect to animate with sound a plush toy, a pillow, a quilt, backpack, even a halloween costume. Its use is limited only by your imagination. If you are designing a toy you can create a 5 in 1 sound device that plays multiple messages in the characters voice. The device plays voice, music, sound effects and any recorded audio. 
  • Customize gifts, products and packaging. Great for team gifts for short-run products for prototypes and science projects. Perfect for gifts to a group or for messaging to clients and donors. It is literally an audio button and can be placed on any surface, signage or display.
  • And it’s so easy. Provide us with your audio files (.mp3 or .wav) not to exceed 60 seconds in total. We will optimize the files for playback in the device and program them onto the device as per your specifications (random or sequential).
  • The batteries can be replaced without affecting the message. The device will play over 500 times on one set of batteries in normal usage. The device is not waterproof or water resistant however it may be placed in a waterproof pouch which enables it to be used in garments.

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