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Make Your Next Gift One-Of-A-Kind

We enable individuals and brands to animate gifts, crafts, packaging and products with the music that is the soundtrack of our lives and a familiar voice sure to make a lasting impression and put a smile on a face.

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Send your custom voice
message on any gift you give!

Happy day

Mini-Me® Voice Recorder
for Plush and Pillow

Your Voice will warm
any cuddly gift!


Voice-Over® Recorder
for Frames and Scrapbooks

Personalize Memories
With Voice Messages

Voice Over

VoiceLP Voice Cards

Send Up to 2 Hours of voice or Music Content

VoiceLP Voice Cards

Amazon Reviews for VoiceGift:

" Had a voicemail message on my phone from my mom. She recently passed, so I made a memory Bear for my dad for Fathers Day out of her clothes. I bought this voice recorder and couldn’t believe how easy to record and play. I love that the batteries can be changed, too. It works better than I had hoped. "
Just Because
"I bought this to replace a singing chip in a dog toy. The shipping was quick, it was so easy to use that my 7 year old grandson and I did our recording on the first try! The playback is loud enough to be heard even through two plastic bags and the stuffing in the toy. The dog can still easily "press play" and now she can hear us singing to her even when I'm at work. We're all happy! "
Sharon O

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